Atisfy Named Among Top 10 MarTech Companies

27 July, 2021

Singapore, October 17, 2020: atisfy®, an award-winning data-driven technology solutions provider, has been named among the ‘Top 10 MarTech Consulting/Service Companies of 2020′ by CIO Applications. The CIO Applications 2020 annual list recognizes MarTech companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the marketing arena.

The rise of Ad Blocking technologies and end-users’ growing disinterest towards traditional online advertisements have forced brands and marketers worldwide to find a new way to reach and target consumers. Reports from Statista indicate that over 25.8 per cent of internet users were blocking advertising in 2019, and this figure is expected to grow to nearly 27 per cent by 2021, concluding that a quarter of paid advertising messages will never reach their audiences. Understanding this, and presenting a way to transform challenge into opportunity, atisfy has introduced a novel way for businesses to penetrate increasingly ad-averse markets in real-time. atisfy’s data-driven advanced influencer marketing platforms reroute ad blocking by offering personalized advertising and increasing the chances of reaching target audiences — via Influencer Marketing.

Dubbed the go-to “MarTech Maestro” that powers global brands, atisfy’s data-powered marketing platform leverages the prowess of influencers to drive customer engagement, with more relevant, authentic and engaging connections with the target audience. “Digital marketing has never offered more opportunities to engage with customers and sell products & services – but at the same time, it has never been more complex. With ad blocking adoption rates growing 30% worldwide, year over year, brands must now think of new and innovative strategies to reach their consumers to stay ahead of the curve,” said Hersh Bhatt, Founder-CEO, atisfy. “atisfy’s data-powered influencer marketing platform enables marketers to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and boost their marketing ROI through the power of influencer marketing. We’re thrilled that CIO Applications has recognized atisfy as one of the top 10 MarTech companies in 2020, and we look forward to helping more businesses unlock their sales potential.”

atisfy leverages the growing trend of adblocking with its marketing prowess and data-driven solutions to build products that encourage brands to adopt influencer marketing, as a part of their marketing strategy. “We have analyzed over 30 billion pieces of content that influencers produce across major social media channels which has garnered 10 trillion views. This has given us much insight into the audiences that each influencer has,” explains Hersh, informing that the company’s database includes over 10 million influencers with a following ranging from 1000 up to the millions. “We want to help our clients fine-tune their marketing initiatives to help them reach their most effective, efficient, and affordable counterparts,” Hersh said.

There is no doubt the world is shifting toward better marketing experience for prospects and customers. Sharing his thoughts on the changing dynamics of the marketing world, and how his company can help brands adapt and respond to these changes, Hersh added, “At atisfy, we are committed to working closely with our clients to address digital disruption, and at the same time implement effective digital marketing strategies. Our industry-leading influencer management platforms – atisfyreach™ and atisfyre™ – enable enterprise customers to keep their business relevant at all times, with consistent and fulfilling customer experiences.” Brands can use atisfyreach™ to discover and collaborate with influencers on atisfyre™ to create trusted content and insights for customer journey touch points at scale.

Currently, in advanced stage of beta testing, atisfy will be rolling its revolutionary platforms, atisfyreach™ and atisfyre™ in the coming months. Register your interest here to be notified when the platform goes live.

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