About Us

atisfy® is an established data-driven technology company that powers global brands. Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Australia and India, we have two established full-service marketing agencies, Game Marketing Genie® and Growth Marketing Genie®. We have recently launched Atisfyreach and Atisfyre – products that will completely change the influencer marketing landscape.

Atisfyreach enables marketers to effortlessly execute omnichannel influencer marketing at global scale through the first ever real-time data-driven influencer economy. It offers a solution that automates the entire influencer marketing workflow from influencer matchmaking, audience targeting, budget optimization and campaign management, complete with a robust reporting suite.

For consistently displaying performance par excellence, atisfy® and its subsidiaries have been routinely awarded prestigious titles, including, ‘Most Inspiring CEOs 2020’, ‘Best Digital Service Providers in APAC 2020’ and ‘Best in Game Marketing, Advertising and PR 2020’ by top market leaders.

What We Do

Atisfy powers businesses and influencers alike, by combining marketing efforts and extensive insights to drive consumer behavior, brand perception, and innovation opportunities. We’ve developed new-to-market AI-based Influencer Marketing platforms designed to elevate user experience and your business ROI. Not only do we give you access to the most accurate and reliable data, but we extend a unique level of control stringed together with a seamless user experience, ensuring you’re able to get the most out of our platforms every step of the way.