Atisfy Announces Atisfyre

20 July, 2021

Singapore, June 2020: atisfy, a data-driven technology company that powers global brands to drive more sales has announced plans to release a revolutionary product called atisfyre™ that will help millions of influencers connect with leading brands across the world. This will enable atisfy’s enterprise customers to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and boost their marketing ROI and bottom line through the power of influencer marketing.

“We’ve encountered a surge of brands that want to start an influencer program and have a very real need to do so. However, they are limited by the complicated process of having to individually recruit the right influencers and managing a successful influencer campaign,” says Hersh Bhatt, CEO of atisfy™. “Our innovative platform enables brands to reach their target audience by partnering with influencers who have a similar set of followers. We will have influencers and businesses try our platform, tweak the algorithm based on its performance, and then accordingly scale it globally.”

Within the changing landscape of eCommerce over the last five years, the demand for influencers has increased with brands of all sizes now jumping on the trend. As one of the main services atisfy™ provides, their customers have seen a 91% increase in content engagement and a 63% increase in conversions from their influencer programs in the last six months. 

As the leader in the influencer marketing space, atisfy™ is taking the lead in guiding brands on how to get started with influencer programs and how to grow them for the future of their marketing needs.  Brands are now more than ever relying on influencer marketing to increase customer awareness and conversions, and target a new audience. Social proof is an important way for people to place trust in products, and the atisfy™ platform serves to help businesses increase their brand loyalty. For example, followers are more likely to purchase a brand’s product after seeing people they respect to use the product, whether this is a social media personality or a friend. This is why influencers are more trusted than most other types of digital advertising because 92% of consumers trust recommendations from others – even people they don’t know well – over branded content.

The real-time and AI-powered system will use a unique algorithm to allow brands to find the right fit influencers and create campaigns on a larger scale than today with a self-serving platform.  It will also enable nano-influencers to focus on creating content that matches their audience and earn money by receiving paid jobs in real-time through an app available on both desktop and mobile. This product is designed to enable brands to take the next step into influencer marketing and give influencers a platform to become their own self-managing bosses.

Currently, in the advanced stage of beta testing, atisfy™ will be releasing their product to select customers in the coming months. Register your interest here to be notified when the platform goes live

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