Automation Is Shaping The Future Of Marketing: Expert Opinion

27 July, 2021

Marketing automation stands to be one of the most important factors separating small businesses from their enterprise level counterparts, says Hersh Bhatt, CEO of atisfy and Game Marketing Genie.

Hersh recommends that businesses begin to step out of their comfort zones and start exploring the world of automation to help structure their brand, organize their workflows, manage their buyer lifecycles, lower costs while raising efficiency, and remove any stereotypes they may have had.

“A lot of people think it is email marketing, a lot of people think it is AI, but it’s neither of the two!” said Hersh. “It is simply the ability to have specific outcomes based on certain rules you set in place. This can mean anything for brands from email to chat bots to full-fledged marketing campaign automation.”

Game Marketing Genie offers marketing automation as part of their comprehensive marketing package to help marketers move their customers at any stage of the buyer’s journey towards conversions as efficiently and smoothly as possible. They provide software solutions and packages, automated campaign setup, email marketing services, lifecycle mapping and more for their clients’ needs.

Meanwhile, atisfy powers global brands to drive more sales on social media through its industry-leading and advanced influencer marketing platforms atisfyreach™ and atisfyre™ – both based on automation. Brands can use atisfyreach™ to discover and collaborate with influencers on atisfyre™ to create trusted content and insights for customer journey touch points at scale. Both products serve as self-service influencer platforms that allow marketers and influencers, to take an automated and performance-based approach to influencer marketing. Currently, in advanced stage of beta testing, atisfy will be rolling its revolutionary platforms, atisfyreach™ and atisfyre™ in the coming months.

Bhatt recommends that small to medium sized businesses begin investing in automation software to ensure that they create a basis for the success of their business, and follow in the footsteps of enterprise-level brands that are able to move their customers through different automation patterns. “Marketing automation is an excellent software solution that can save you unbelievable amounts of time, effort and money in the long run,” stated Hersh. “Companies as big as Nike are able to run their customers through 12 automation life cycles without the need for a shred of human interaction!”

Hersh expands further on this topic in Game Marketing Genie’s video, covering possible techniques for marketing automation for small to medium sized businesses and beyond.

Also, register your interest here to be notified when atisfy’s influencer marketing platforms – atisfyre and atisfyreach, go live.


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