Atisfy CEO Hersh Bhatt Named Among Industry Era’s 10 Best Inspiring CEOs

27 July, 2021

Hersh Bhatt, CEO of atisfy and its subsidiaries, has been named one of the 10 Best Inspiring CEOs of 2020 by Industry Era. The award focuses on the achievements of CEOs of top performing companies across the world.

Hersh demonstrates the power of leading from the top. His support, collaborative efforts and encouragement have made Game Marketing Genie what it is today. This has resulted in a high-performance team that is passionate and cohesive, and thrives at weaving industry insights and proven expertise into their work. “I am honored to have been named one of Industry Era’s best inspiring CEOs for 2020. But I owe it in part to the amazing team at Game Marketing Genie, who have worked with me to make this business what it is today,” stated Bhatt. “The amount of dedication that I’ve been able to put in with their help is what has made this all possible.”

From his origins as a humble marketer, Hersh has harnessed his natural talent to inspire growth and strategic marketing to companies across the world. Game Marketing Genie was founded in 2018 as a data-driven marketing solution provider that was developed to introduce new techniques into the video game marketing world, and has since grown to work with a variety of big name gaming brands.

Hersh and his co-founder have gone onto create atsify, a future-forward focused compained with an aim to revolutionize not only the power of influencer marketing industry but marketing itself to drive accessible and effective solutions to brands in all verticals across the world.

“Our potential has grown so quickly through the support of our amazing team that has allowed me to drive results for our brand. We’ve been able to hit milestones that other marketing brands easily miss, and accelerate our growth exponentially to become a strong brand with a future-forward vision.” said Bhatt. “We can’t wait to bring our value and data-driven services to more businesses across the world with the power of atisfy.”

atisfy powers global brands to drive more sales on social media through its industry-leading and advanced influencer marketing platforms atisfyreach™ and atisfyre™. Brands can use atisfyreach™ to discover and collaborate with influencers on atisfyre™ to create trusted content and insights for customer journey touch points at scale.

Currently, in advanced stage of beta testing, atisfy will be rolling its revolutionary platforms, atisfyreach™ and atisfyre™ in the coming months. Register your interest here to be notified when the platform goes live.

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