Atisfy Listed Among ‘Top 50 Admired Companies’

27 July, 2021

Singapore, September, 2020: atisfy has been declared as one of the ‘Top 50 Admired Companies to Watch’ for 2020, by the CEO Views Magazine, in its September 2020, edition. The magazine’s 2020 list highlights some of the prominent companies who offer the best in class within the technology landscape, to connect socially distanced businesses.

Pleased at receiving the honor, Hersh Bhatt, CEO of atisfy, said, “atisfy has always been at the forefront of innovation, offering customized marketing solutions to our clients, to ensure they retain their competitive edge; and this honor is a testament to that effect. We are delighted with CEO Views’ recognition since it is an inspiring acknowledgement of the value we continue to deliver.”

Hersh further adds, atisfy offers everything from a one-stop-shop to enterprise-level businesses all the way up to intricate MarTech and AdTech products poised to disrupt the influencer marketing industry. “Our position as a company continues to remain one of the best in its field with no sacrifice to quality despite exponential growth and global expansion,” he assured.

atisfy powers global brands to drive more sales on social media through its industry-leading and advanced influencer marketing platforms atisfyreach™ and atisfyre™. Brands can use atisfyreach™ to discover and collaborate with influencers on atisfyre™ to create trusted content and insights for customer journey touch points at scale.

Currently, in advanced stage of beta testing, atisfy will be rolling its revolutionary platforms, atisfyreach™ and atisfyre™ in the coming months. Register your interest here to be notified when the platform goes live.


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Top 50 Admired Companies to Watch 2020 

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